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About Bode

  • Shenzhen Bode Automation Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Bode Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  •     Shenzhen Bode Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is the largest high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen specializing in industrial production automation equipment, automatic production line equipment, automatic spraying production line equipment, air conditioning purification system engineering design, installation, sales, technology research and development and service. one.
  •     The company's services cover all-industry automation in different fields, different levels and different scales, spray painting projects, and various levels of dust-free purification projects. It has absorbed the advanced automatic production lines of various electronic products at home and abroad, the automatic spraying production line of metal and plastics, and the high-standard dust-free purification technology. In the engineering practice, combined with the specific conditions of domestic purification, we constantly innovate in the assembly line, fully automatic spraying and The clean room planning concept and engineering quality control technology, after long-term accumulation and innovation, form a unique design concept, construction measures and quality assurance system, making Bode's technology unique.
  •     1. Its fully automatic production line project takes the lead in the field of electronic engineering, fully automated and efficient intensive production, including LCD TV smart phones, tablet PCs, air conditioner refrigerators, and fully automatic intelligent logistics conveyor belts, combined with the company's intelligent R&D and innovation. In combination, it is in a leading position at home and abroad.
  •     2. Its spraying and dusting height is all-round automation, which is the first in the industry to develop fully automated engineering, and adopts advanced equipment such as the United States and Germany, combined with the company's research and development, and can be used in high efficiency for dust-free fully automated spraying. Use, continuous innovation and development.
  •     3. Its purification project can be strictly in accordance with the US Federal FS209E standard, China GBJ73-84 national standard and GMP requirements for high-tech industries such as electronics, cosmetics, optoelectronic technology, bioengineering, medical and health, food and beverage, precision instruments, etc. - 1 million-level purification design and comprehensive services such as installation, testing, maintenance, and technical support. The company will be based on the "professional, attentive, dedicated" business philosophy, with more advanced technology, better quality products, more reasonable prices, better services, to return to our customers. And sincerely wish us a happy and successful cooperation!
  • The company's main business is:
  •     Automated production line, automated spray field, purification field
  •     1. Purification engineering series: contracting the design, installation, testing and maintenance of 100~300,000-level clean engineering, professional construction of epoxy floor, anti-static PVC floor and raised floor.
  •     2. Assembly production line assembly line: LED LCD TV assembly line, mobile phone dust-free assembly line, metal plastic surplus line.
  •     3. Dust-free product series: clean products such as dust-free wipes, dust-free paper, activated carbon masks, sticky mats, dust-free gloves, finger sleeves, etc.
  •     4. Anti-static product series: anti-static clothing, anti-static turnover box, wrist band, ion fan and other anti-static products.