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  •     The service of Shenzhen Bode Automation Industry Co., Ltd. involves assembly line automation engineering in different fields, spraying automation engineering of different materials, and purification projects of different grades and sizes. It has absorbed advanced automation production assembly line engineering at home and abroad, fully automated coating engineering, and different levels of purification technology. In engineering practice, combined with domestic and international production line automation, painting automation and dust-free purification, continuous innovation In the field of industrial automation, painting automation, high-standard clean room planning and engineering quality control technology, after long-term accumulation and innovation, Bode's unique design concept, construction measures and quality assurance system are formed, which makes the technology of Bode. Unique.
  •     It can provide 10 to 1 million grades for high-tech industries such as electronics, cosmetics, optoelectronic technology, bioengineering, medical and health, food and beverage, precision instruments, etc. in strict accordance with the US Federal FS209E standard, China GBJ73-84 national standard and GMP requirements. Comprehensive services such as purification design and installation, testing, maintenance, and technical support.
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